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The Wettest place on earth
Just 60 kilometres from Shillong, the Mawsynram plateau is a windswept, lush area of subtle beauty, perfect for those who like offbeat experiences. This tiny village has gained the distinction of being the wettest place on earth and experiencing the heaviest rains in India. The region is a maze of fantastic cave systems and formations to explore, home to the Krem Puri sandstone cave, the longest in the world.
Nature lovers can visit Phlangwanbroi village to see how villagers live alongside the endangered Hoolock Gibbons. Mawsynram itself is a unique experience, as the villagers have adapted to the incredible amount of rain for generations. In the monsoons, they are often unable to leave their homes. Indigenous ways of rainproofing houses, stockpiling groceries and weaving personal bamboo rain covers are just a few examples of how their lifestyles and lives have adapted to this incredible natural phenomenon. As cold as Maswynram can be, the residents are some of the warmest and kindest people you will ever meet.

Activities in Mawsynram

Nature Excursion
  • Nature Excursion - Mawsynram boasts a tiny aviary within the town that has many exotic birds, but the surrounding forests and hills are bursting with an incredible amount of birdlife, from Pied Cuckoos to Vernal Hanging Parrots and even Golden Babblers. The many mossy trails around the town are fringed with huge ferns that come alive with the chorus of colourful frogs every night, and every splash of sunshine will bring clouds of butterflies into the air. You may even find the rare Pitcher Plant. MORE

  • Hiking - Meghalaya is truly the land of the foot traveller and Mawsynram is no exception. Around the town are plenty of treks and hikes, from a couple of hours long to a full day's excursion. Remember to wear good shoes around this region as the rainfall creates a profusion of slippery moss and algae growth. Hike to Khreng Khreng viewpoint, about 4 kilometres from the town, and visit the nearby Khreng Khreng Falls. MORE

Caving in Krem Puri
  • Caving in Krem Puri - A 10-minute drive away is the village of Laitsohum, where the enormous Krem Puri cave begins. 25 kilometres long, it is the longest sandstone cave in the world and was discovered recently in 2016. One of the entrances into Krem Puri is a narrow shaft through which you must crawl on hands and knees. Safety gear and a guide are essential and can be hired for the day nearby. MORE

Village exploration
  • Village exploration - You might think that the heavy rain and mists would make for a gloomy and cold experience, but Mawsynram is filled with some of the warmest and most hospitable people in the world. Have a steaming cup of tea, called Kwai, with any of the residents as you watch the rain, and listen to their stories of adaptation and survival in the wettest place on earth. MORE

David Scott Trail
  • David Scott Trail - Part of a 100-kilometre long trade route, the David Scott Trail is the oldest trekking route in Meghalaya. Dating back to the British Raj, it connects Mawphlang village and Lad Mawphlang, 16 kilometres away. It passes through a spellbinding landscape of deep valleys, dense primaeval forests, lush green meadows, and over peaks and stone bridges. MORE

Attractions in Mawsynram

  • Konthong, the Whistling Village

    About 60 km from Shillong is a tiny village perched on a cliff edge, surrounded by beautiful valleys, gardens, sparkling streams and the highest living root bridge in Meghalaya. The village is known for its delicious local honey, its main source of revenue. However, this isn't what makes it unique. In Kongthong each resident has two names – one that is spoken, and one that is whistled.

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  • Krem Puri Cave

    Holding the world record at 24.5 kilometres, the vast Krem Puri cave is the longest sandstone cave in the world. Just 10 minutes away from Mawsynram, the entrance is at Laitsohum village and guides and equipment can be hired to enter the cave. The entrance is tiny and crawling is necessary to enter, but once you do the huge cave full of natural jewels is beckoning to be explored.

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  • Mawjymbuin Cave

    5 minutes outside Mawsynram town is an enormous cavern called Mawjymbuin Cave that has become immensely important as a spiritual and holy destination, as well as very popular for tourists. The impressive entrance is only 4 metres high but 50 metres wide, and as you step in many passages meander off to the sides and a small stream bubbles its way through huge boulders on the eastern side.

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  • Mawlyngbna Village

    A 40-minute drive from Mawsynram is the exciting village of Mawlyngbna, perched on a hilltop but surrounded by a dynamic landscape of lakes, streams, and rocky canyons. Several natural springs provide year-round freshwater and feed a small constructed lake called Umkhakoi. Circular naturally formed potholes that are mini-ecosystems by themselves are plenty here, some large enough for a person to sit inside.

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    A huge contrast to the imposing cliffs towering peaks of Meghalaya, Nongkhum Island was formed when the rushing Kynshi River split into the Phanliang and the Namliang. At the point of this divide is a huge, lush and dynamic river island, the second-largest in India, and one of the largest uninhabited islands in Asia. Camping is the only option to stay in Nongkhum.

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    If there was ever a place to get away from all, this tiny hamlet perched upon a rolling plateau in the West Khasi hills, is it. A little known secret, Mawphanlur is a picturesque village of cottages scattered among lakes and ponds, surrounded by some of the most beautiful and romantic scenery in India. Birdsong, the gentle sounds of cattle, and the sounds of wind and rain will be your companions.

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  • Kyllang Rock

    Two hours' drive out of Shillong is the massive Lum Kyllang. A huge boulder the size of a mountain, composed entirely out of red granite and encased in dense forests. Towering 720 feet above the landscape, the view from the top is mesmerising, and on a clear day, you may see for miles. The rock is a fantastic place for birdwatching, and the forest growing upon it is full of rare rhododendrons and ancient oak trees.

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  • Mawphlang

    On the road to Mawsynram, 25 kilometres from Shillong, is the sleepy village of Mawphlang. Perched on a ridge overlooking the serene Mawphlang Dam, this little town was a hub of activity during colonial days, as the Presbyterian Church of Wales operated out of here. The town is surrounded by beautiful pastoral scenery, sheep grazing in the meadows and the residents hard at work in their fields and gardens.

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  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest

    Khasi culture is deeply entwined with nature, the land and forests are as divine to them as any deity. Across Meghalaya, forests are a source of many cultural traditions, and protected Sacred Groves are one of the most important. Just outside Mawphlang town is the most important Law Kyntang or Sacred Grove for the Khasi people.

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