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Arunachal pradesh

Undiscovered Terrains
Arunachal Pradesh, at the extreme North Eastern Indian frontier, is blessed enormously by nature. The undisturbed and uncontaminated ecosystem is its greatest strength. The unpolluted environment across the west to eastern districts has several high-altitude lakes and water bodies amidst blooming Rhododendron, impenetrable wilderness, endemic ethnic villages, historical war memorials and religious places, making this place an enviable destination for Eco-tourists, adventurers and nature lovers. Academicians and Researchers may discover wide varieties and species of rare flora and fauna. Also, the archaeological sites are a rich attraction for the students.
The landscape of Arunachal comprises numerous big and small rivers, tropical to alpine forests, snow-clad mountains, vast organic farms, orchards and sporadic ethnic villages. Most of the areas are completely free from any environmental and cultural pollution. Traditional organic agricultural practices, paddy cum fish culture, apple, citrus, Kiwi, and Pineapple orchards are some other attractions.
The socio-cultural panorama of the territory is gradually undergoing some changes here and there. The people are slowly breaking away from their simple tribal isolation into the broad integration of modern Indian culture. The process of change took place gradually in different periods, such as early (before 1826), middle (from 1826-1947) and modern (after 1947).
Arunachal Pradesh, with its high mountains, snow-capped peaks, sputtering rivers, valleys and wildlife is an ideal destination for tourists. Those who have seen the world's most significant forest like Amazon, or taken a foot trail in Borneo's jungle, still could be mesmerised by its beauty. The lakes remind you of Wordsworth's lines. The ribbon-like river with its pebbled bed might make way to lose in a forest trail that can lead you to smell tribal food and palm in their bamboo-made house. All comprise an analogue of their century-old habitats with their customs and stories in untouched terrain. It's a place of early dawn, where the Sun's first glimpses penetrate in lands, trees, snows and streams.

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Losar festival:
This is the five-day New Year celebration of the Memba Tribes, who celebrate this in February. The festivals include prayers and the hoisting of religious flags on top of the houses. Reading the Buddhist scriptures and lighting butter lamps in the homes. It is a beautiful experience to laze around in town during festival time. Day and night Mechuka wears a different look.

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