Founded by Mr. Pallab Bhattacharya, Naturebeyond epitomize transformative travel in the Himalayan belt since 2002. Pallab's journey from a nature-loving school enthusiast to a seasoned Himalayan explorer laid the foundation for Naturebeyond. Specializing in Handmade, Interactive, and Niche experiences, Naturebeyond offers Cultural and Cuisine Experiences, Hiking & Biking Adventures, Bird and Butterfly Excursions, and Village & Community Immersions. Going beyond mainstream destinations, the organization pioneers exploration of less- frequented rural areas, preserving authenticity. For the last 2 decades, Naturebeyond has been a trail blazer in knowledge-based travel, providing personal, authentic, and organic journeys that forge deep connections with local cultures and ecosystems. Naturebeyond stands as a testament to Pallab's enduring love for nature, adventure, and the belief that travel can be a transformative and enlightening experience, revealing the untold stories of the Himalayas. Its operational area stretches across the Trans Himalayan region with a strong focus to the less visited East Indian States like Sikkim, Bengal, Assam, Arunachal etc and it also covers the neighbouring country Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar, which are the promising Travel destinations with the unique landscape beauty and cultural diversity, and where the influences of 'Modern & Civilized' culture are yet to dominate. Naturebeyond, since its inception, has been offering a knowledge-based travel option, which is Personal, Authentic and Organic!
Who Are We
Pallab Bhattacharya – founder director of Naturebeyond, a visionary adventurer since his School days. His decade-long engagement with environmental organisations, love for nature and zeal for travel ignited the formation of Naturebeyond in 2002. With a passion for nature and community development, he continues to lead fellow travellers in to unexplored Territories, shaping memorable journeys and experiences. His dedication and contribution towards consolidating the concept of tourism remains his priority, a passion, a dream and much more than a business.
How do we perceive tourism
We recognize Tours not simply as visitations, but as an amalgamation of rich and varied Himalayan experiences for all. Instead of organising the cherry picking popular holiday tours, we are intent on giving a newer dimension to the idea of tourism. The human landscape of a place is as important to us as the natural one. We create a space for our clients to interact with the local communities in the rural areas so that one can soak up the uniqueness of the local culture in the best manner possible.

Instead of showcasing the human subjects of tourist attractions, we strive to blend and create a communicative space between the subject and the tourists so that both can gratifyingly interact and share their experiences with each other.
Our Strength
  • * Understanding the customers, their preferences and priorities
  • * Communication with a human face
  • * Flexibility during tour
  • * Generating new travel products and ideas
  • * Developing niche destinations
  • * Tailor making plans
  • * Careful selection of accommodation
  • * Honest pricing policy
  • * Commitment and responsibility
  • * Strong network and rates with all major hotels
  • * Own fleet of vehicle and trained professional for excellent ground handling support
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