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Here, Rhododendron reigns supreme. At an altitude of 3000 meters, Barsey is a famous Rhododendron Sanctuary on the Singalila Ridge in Sikkim's Western corner. Spread across an area of 104 sq. km along the Singalila Ridge, which forms the natural boundary between India and Nepal.
The dense forest of Barsey is covered with hemlocks, silver firs, magnolia and Rhododendron trees and bushes. The verdant valley shelters some rare Himalayan species, including Red Panda, Black Bear and Tragopan – a colourful pheasant.
The period between March and May see this valley in a riot of colours when the Rhododendron is in full bloom with the silvery Kanchenjunga Ranges looms on the horizon.

Activities in Barsey

  • Hiking - Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is an ideal destination for hikers who prefer short distance hikes. An easy trek for about 1.5 hrs to Barsey originates from Hilley – a tiny hamlet in Western Sikkim Frontier. The total trekking distance from Hilley to Barsey is 5 km and takes you through the verdant forests of Rhododendron and primula setting the woods in the fire of colours during Spring. From Barsey, several short treks take you to Singalila Ridges of Sikkim, known for offering the Eastern Himalaya's breathtaking beauty.

Bird watching
  • Bird watching - Feather lovers would find the Barsey Sanctuary a paradise. Nearly 200 bird species are recorded in this small 104 sq km sanctuary. Many of them are threatened or on the verge of extinction. A stunning mountain view from Barsey becomes more delightful with the presence of rare birds, including Fire-tailed Myzornis, Mrs Gould's Sunbird and of course the gorgeous Satyr Tragopan – a flagship pheasant of Eastern Himalaya. Apart from birds, Barsey is an important habitat for Red Panda.

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Barsey can be reached with a 1-hour trek from Hilley – the last road head and 55kms from Jorethang. From Barsey, one can trek to Chiyabhanjang and also to Phalut on the Sandakphu route. 

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