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Artistic, Elegant & Refreshing
Artistic, elegant, and refreshing, this small town in Upper Assam offers you some candid moments with north-eastern India's history and tradition. Lying around 369 kilometres away from Guwahati, the place has been a popular destination over the years for Ahom Palaces and Monuments. Moreover, Sibsagar or Sivasagar, as it is spelt today, is an essential centre of the tea and oil industries.
The primaeval atmosphere found in this place stands in contrast with the present world. Together with modern pleasures, Sivasagar blends the sights of vintage India dotted with fascinating museums, palaces and temples. And all these reveal the efficiency of those skilled hillmen who arrived here by chance and ruled this land for over six hundred years. The relics of the Ahom Dynasty you see at Sivasagar explain why they were the only deserving candidates for such a long time and how come they have remained unbeaten even in the memories of Assam.
Sivasagar is mainly famous for and is characterized by a water body that gave the town its name. Renowned as Borpukhuri among the natives, the tank covers around 257 acres, which is located at a higher altitude compared to the rest of the town. The three temples on the banks of Borpukhuri are the most popular destinations of Sivasagar.

Attractions in Shibsagar

  • Tai Museum:

    Adding a dramatic accent to the mystic atmosphere of Shivsagar, there stands Tai Museum waiting to tell you the stories of ancient Assam. Here live and breathe some invaluable artefacts of Ahom Kingdom, a significant part of Assam's glorious past.

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  • Joysagar

    Joysagar, excavated by the Ahom King Swargadeo Rudra Singha, is known to be India's most prominent human-made tank. Made in the memory of Joymoti, the King's mother, this lake located at Rangpur was constructed in 1697, and as per records, it took 45 days to complete the task. It stretched across an area of nearly 318 acres, but half of it is underwater at present.

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  • Gaurisagar

    Situated at a distance of around 12 kilometres from the Sivasagar city centre, Gaurisagar Tank is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Built by the Ahom queen Bor Kuwori Phuleshwari Devi about 200 years ago, the lake covers more than 150 acres of the area along with the three important temples on the banks.

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  • Rudrasagar

    The tank was excavated in 1773 by the Ahom King Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha in his father's memory. Located at a distance of around 8 kilometres from Sivsagar Town, the lake has a famous Shiva Temple on the banks, and it still amazes people with its architectural patterns. In addition to this, you have several Satras, Dargahs, Sakta and Buddhist Shrines in the neighbouring areas erected by the Ahom, Jaintia, Manipuri, and Shah rulers.

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  • Rang Ghar

    This is perhaps the most surprising creation of Ahom builders found at Sivasagar. An oval-shaped, double-storied construction with an inverted boat like roof, Rang Ghar was an arena constructed by King Swargadeo Pramatta Singha.

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  • Talatal Ghar

    Located just four kilometres away from Sivasagar City, The Talatal Ghar at Rangpur is a great architectural wonder of Upper Assam. The largest of all, this Ahom monument together with its counterpart Karen Ghar is, of course, one of the most admired surprises in this land.

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  • Ajanpir Dargah

    At a distance of 20 kilometres from Sivasagar Town lies a famous tourist spot Ajanpir Dargah. The Tomb of a popular Muslim Saint of the seventeenth century, this dargah was constructed during the rule of King Godadhar Singha. The saint arrived at Saraguri with his 120 disciples to propagate the Islamic Tenets and composed the Zikir. The devotional songs scripted here are highly regarded and have contributed significantly to Assamese Literature.

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