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The Color of Chaos
You come here to feel the vibe of Kolkata, and it overwhelms you. It swiftly engages you as a traveller. Soon you give in to a moving montage of faces and facelessness, the heritage and the contemporary; rabbit run and time warp at the same time.
We take you through a planet where heritage is lived every day by the commoner. The glowing hue of the setting sun in the Hooghly river suddenly looks romantic despite the haze and dust. In front of you, an intoxicating city keeps flowing – a city that has seen a lot –World War II, The Famine of 1943, The Independence, The Partition. It has seen blood on the streets and spirits of solidarity. Kolkata has breathed poetry at the same time.
For Ginsberg, Kolkata is a city where people worship poets as minor gods. La-Pierre lovingly called it 'A City of Joy'. Pele and Maradona came here to share their passion for football with the people of Kolkata. M F Hussein painted on a roadside wall. And Pete Seeger shared his countless folk songs with the city's music lovers under an open sky.
Kolkata – as the proverb goes – is not the mere name of a city. It is a different space altogether.

Activities in Kolkata

Food Exploration in Kolkata
  • Food Exploration in Kolkata - Is it only Italians who love to experiment with spaghetti and pizzas! Or, if you think that it is French and Mexicans, who've got a taste for various delicate preparations, then visit Kolkata for once to break the myth. We will tell you why we believe that Bengali food is superior to any other country's food preparation. And we will also tell you why Bengali food is perhaps the only of its kind, which could never be replicated anywhere other than Bengal. MORE

Walking with a Story Teller
  • Walking with a Story-Teller - Walking on the oldest road of Kolkata is feeling how this laid back part of the city breaths. Each nook or the cranny of this neighbourhood will whisper a story to your ears. But none of the stories has been composed to amaze a tourist.MORE

Local Home Hosted Lunch and Food Story
  • Local Home Hosted Lunch and Food Story - To know more about Kolkattan food, we have a unique experience for you. We take you to a house of an intellectual Bengali Family, where you can spend quality time with the hosts and participate in a dialogue about the food and history of Bengal and Kolkata. MORE

Cruise along the Ganges
  • Cruise along the Ganges - After a hectic day in the city, spend a relaxed and refreshing evening on a boat as you float leisurely along the mighty Holy Ganges. You laze on the deck and see the city skyline keeps on changing on both sides of the river. A 3 hrs cruise starts from the Kolkata Jetty. It takes you to an old temple of Belur, where you can also participate in their special evening prayer.MORE

Herirage Tram Ride
  • Herirage Tram Ride - A visit to the heritage city of Kolkata is always incomplete without its vintage tram ride. The service was started in the year 1873 and has happily served the people of Kolkata. It has acquired heritage status in the process. It has indeed seen many upheavals but still has managed to sail smooth. It has been the talking point of nostalgia and pride for many (make it MOST) Kolkatans for over a century.MORE

Street Photography Tour
  • Street Photography Tour - Going on the road with your camera hanging from your shoulder is like two best friends out on a journey to capture and experience the essence of photography. For a photography tour, Kolkata is one of India's metro cities that calls for a great vacation and learning experience. MORE

Night Life of Kolkata
  • Night Life of Kolkata - What comes alive when the light fades away? A city more mysterious, gay and real comes into view. Just like any of us, it does unwind itself comfortably after hectic day signs off. Exploring nightlife in an unknown zone comes with a few candid moments. The place and its people appear shining in bare look in front of you, and you get to know a culture much more intimately. MORE

Shopping in Kolkata
  • Shopping in Kolkata - Happily bidding adieu to the adolescent days of buying the same clothes for siblings or collecting knickknacks from a Mela or a fair nearby, Shopping in Kolkata is an adult free man now. With a wide range of shopping destinations in hand, Kolkata today offers a stunning collection of traditional outfits, ornaments, accessories and ethnic décor products to shoppers. MORE

Shows, Exhibitions and Musical Nights
  • Shows, Exhibitions and Musical Nights - Popularly known as the country's cultural capital, Kolkata boasts various exhibitions, shows, fairs, and festivals every night.MORE

  • Excursions - The explorers have always preferred destinations rich in fascinating architecture or with myriad events of time bygone. Or a place set in natural surroundings maintaining such a peaceful atmosphere being so close to a busy metropolis. MORE

Attractions in Kolkata

  • Flower Market

    Spring or not, Howrah Flower Market in Kolkata always has buckets full of flowers of almost all sorts. This market is said to be India's largest and oldest flower market. Tucked away under the east end of the Howrah Bridge, you will find the bursting colours and the hustling noise of hurried hawkers and buyers.

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  • Potters' Village (Kumortui)

    Narrow lanes fill a part of North Kolkata, and when you are passing through one of such lanes, the rustic smell of wet clay draws your attention. You are in the wonderland where all the Gods and Goddesses of Bengali are given a face and shape. The artisans here are known as 'Kumor' or potters, who have been busy making clay idols for different festivals in Bengal with ardour and allegiance for generations.

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  • Victoria Memorial

    In Kolkata, the marriage between art and architecture has always been a successful one, even before the British Raj. Keep walking along the pavement etched on the Queen's Road and you'll come across a gate garnered by two giant lion statues with a Taj Mahal look-alike mansion peeping from afar. You'll know that you are standing in front of the historical Victoria Memorial.

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  • Indian Museum

    India is blessed with an unusual combination of cultures, languages, and people from different parts. Over the years, it has only enriched its wealth and loaded the rooms of Indian museums. Indian Museum is a curator's paradise and a layman's entertainment. A splendid place to spend hours and explore the country's mesmerising history and the sights of the artefacts may take your whole day.

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  • Jorasanko Thakur Bari

    Bengalis are sentimental about two things: evening tea and another is Rabindranath Tagore. Hence, this Nobel laureate house, known as Jorasanko Thakur Bari, is nothing but short of a sacred shrine for the Bengalis. Situated in the North of Kolkata, this is the place where Rabindranath Tagore and his ancestors lived. This place has now been transformed into a museum, known as Rabindra Bharti Museum, where you will come across the Tagore family's detailed history.

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  • Botanical Garden

    Are you a plant lover? Or do you like spending time around the trees? The Botanical Garden situated in Howrah, near Kolkata, is precisely the place you have been searching for. This place has the most massive tree in the world, The Great Banyan Tree, which is almost 250 years old, along with other plants. Every year millions of visitors come to have a look at The Great Banyan Tree, which now looks like a miniature forest with its 2800 prop roots covering a vast area.

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  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple

    In Kolkata, in the year 1885, Rani Rashmoni Devi built the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. It is said that after having a vision, where she was told to build a temple for Kali did she make the temple. Situated on the bank of the Hoogly River, the architecture of this temple is pretty impressive. It follows Bengal's conventional architectural patterns and has nine spires, which is known as Nava Ratna.

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  • Dalhousie Square(B.B.D Bagh)

    Kolkata has pieces of history scattered here and there in its alleys and buildings, and Dalhousie Square (BBD Bagh) is one of them built during the British era and is now the working hub of Kolkata. This place also housed the Currency Office and the General Post Office of East India Company.

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  • Howrah Bridge

    Howrah Bridge is the perfect example of a marriage between art and architecture, glorifying its sheer beauty and stoutness.

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  • Kalighat Temple

    In India, temples carry the symbol of cultural heritage and history and endless myths associated with them. Most of them associate themselves with a puranic (mythological) tale; the Kalighat Temple of Kolkata is no exception. The Kalighat Temple, situated in Kolkata, has myths and stories related to it and has a distinct style of painting owing its name to the place, the famous and infamous Kalighat paintings or Bazaar paintings.

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  • Mother's House

    We all know Mother Teresa from our childhood, either from a photograph or from school books. In Kolkata, she had stayed for a reasonable amount of time. She invested all her time in spreading love to the" poorest of poor" which gave birth to over 4000 sisters and brothers who work together to improve these "unloved uncared" people.

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  • Nakhoda Mosque

    North Kolkata's hawkers and shoppers invaded streets and lanes adding an odd charm of melancholic, rusty oldness to them. Content with the worn out, tired buildings keep their heads up on the sides of these streets. Through these exhausted buildings peep the red sandstone minarets of the Nakhoda Mosque carrying the Mughals' pride in its domes.

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  • New Market

    Bengalis are known for their passion for food and Rabindra Sangeet; you could also add tea, rickshaw rides, trams etc., to that list. But that will only bring you closer to the Lindsay Street area of Kolkata, which has one of the most prominent shopping destinations in the city, New Market, along with the things mentioned above.

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Kolkata is the biggest city in entire Eastern and North Eastern India and one of the 4 Megacities in India. The city has an old aviation history. The Kolkata International Airport is one of the oldest airports in the world, which started operating in 1924. The International carriers, including Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines, connect the entire South East and Middle East Asia with direct flights. Two major railway Stations – Howrah and Sealdah have 100s of trains every day connecting with all parts of the country. The waterways in Kolkata are also important in connectivity – both River and sea-based. The Kolkata Port is one of the earliest in the world.

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