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The Capital of Arunachal
Itanagar, the capital town of Arunachal Pradesh, is known for its social and cultural significance. People of the Nyishi tribe mainly populate Itanagar and its adjoining areas. Other tribes in the region are Adi, Galo and Apatani. The Nyishis are the largest groups of people inhabiting the districts of Kurung Kurme, Papum Pare, and East Kameng, a significant part of the Lower and Upper Subansiri community.
Their menfolks keep long hair and tie it in a knot just above the forehead. They wear cane bands around the waist. They believe that after death, the spirit of a dead travels to the 'village of the ancestors.' The Niyashis are the principal inhabitants of this Papum pare district. Their festival is Nyokum happened on 26th February. The Buiya is a popular folk dance of Niyashis. Itanagar has an old brick fort, a museum, an art and craft centre, a lake and a polo park. This place is in Papum Pare district, in 1974 Itanagar was declared the capital of Arunachal State.
Well connected by road and air, Itanagar also has a helicopter service available from Guwahati. National Highway 52A connects Itanagar to Assam and other parts of India. Regular luxury bus services (overnight, approximately 11 hrs) between Guwahati and Itanagar are available. Arunachal State Transport runs an extensive use throughout the State. The nearest railway station is Harmuti in Assam.






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