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Thus Far, and No Further
At the extreme end of Northern Arunachal, Tuting is a peaceful place on a bit off the traded path. The Border of China can be visited with permission and with a guide. You can take a trip to the tall and beautiful Shibi waterfalls.
The Siang River, the world's most inaccessible rafting place, originates from the Tibetan plateau and forms the main flow of the mighty Brahmaputra. It has its persona and an attraction by itself—many people rapid down the river for white water rafters and other water sports. The challenging expedition begins in Tuting. The river runs through the thickly forested gorges of Nigguing and Marmon.
The world's most inaccessible rafting place has got a sufficient significant volume of the white water area. Just getting to the jump-off points takes four days journey by boat and jeep—the 180 km. There are stretches of intense rapids between Tuting and Pasighat, which sometimes are 10miles long. Moing Madness, Zebra Rock and Pulsating Palisi are some of the fierce rapid stretches. But there are quieter moments on the river too, where one can just go along with the river's slow flow. If your adrenaline rush is high, you will be able to dine out for months on the tales you take back home.






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