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A land of folklores and Serenity
Biksthang – a land enriched with folklores and serenity, is perched atop a ridge overlooking the majestic view of Mt Kanchenjunga in the lesser-known rural belt of West Sikkim. 'Biks' – locally known as a place of a wide variety of special stones' is mainly a millet growing area, and the villagers here are mostly engaged in traditional farming.
With its pristine surroundings and brilliant climate, Biksthang, with a couple of charming nature resorts, has recently developed as a pleasant vacation destination, particularly for people looking for an authentic Sikkimese rural experience. Visit an old Buddhist Monastery, and try to connect with Sikkim's ancient history, which started with Tibetan Buddhism's arrival.
At an altitude of 1300 meters in the lower hills of West Sikkim, Biksthang offers fascinating day hikes on the rural scape of Sikkim. Staying at Biksthang, you have the opportunity to experience a simple, laid back village life as you soak in the resort's comfort.
With proximity to Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Biksthang is also an ideal birding destination. A full day hike and drive combination will take you to the top of Barsey at 3000 meters to enjoy the rich birdlife of the Himalayas along with Red Panda.

Activities in Biksthang

Short Treks & Village Walks 
  • Short Treks & Village Walks  - If you love an active holiday with walks and hikes, Biksthang may prove just the right destination for you. From short to day-long hikes, this little hamlet has plentiful options. Walk on the bespoke village trails, reach an old monastery, walk through a sacred forest trail searching for birds, visit a weekly village market or stroll through the pristine farmlands.

Walk to Mangalbarey 
  • Walk to Mangalbarey  - A short 20-minute gentle walk from the farmhouse on the motorable road will take you to a tiny clean town, Mangalbarey, that translates in English – as 'a Tuesdayer'. The place is known for a weekly market, which takes place each Tuesday. A visit to this small town on the market day is a fascinating experience. You will observe the locals' daily chores and witness the traditional market that contrasts with the typical city market.

Walk to Lhuentse Gompa
  • Walk to Lhuentse Gompa - Walk for about 2hrs to an old Buddhist Monastery. Perched on a hilltop above Mangalbary town, Lhuentse Monastery offers a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding Higher Himalayan ranges. Visit this small hermitage and try to interact with a monk here to know about Buddhism. On your return, walk down through the farmland and witness the daily farm activity of the villagers.MORE

Day Hike with Birding at Barsey Sanctuary
  • Day Hike with Birding at Barsey Sanctuary - Staying at Biksthang, one can go for a trek to Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary at 3000 meters, a natural habitat for Red Panda. More than 200 species of rare and vulnerable bird have been recorded in this small sanctuary. You can occupy days with visits to sacred Lakes, Waterfalls, the oldest monasteries, Caves, hot springs and local villages.

Farm Activity
  • Farm Activity - To enjoy the farm more closely, we invite you to participate in the farm activity with your host. You can have a first-hand farmhouse experience as you help the farm people prepare the fodder for the cattle or feed the chicken and collect fresh eggs. You may even try milking the cows in the morning and walking to the garden to collect fresh vegetables that the host will prepare for your dinner. Being part of the family, you learn the people's lives more closely, and at the same time, it gives you a different insight about Sikkim that remains active in your memory for a long time.

Cocking Experience
  • Cocking Experience - If you want to learn the traditional way of cooking, we have something unique for you to present. With your host at the farmhouse, we take you on a journey back to the roots, where you witness the method of slow cooking over the wood fire. You will be amazed to observe how the cooking process also forms a way of meditation. All the ingredients are the product of farmhouse and organic. You will also learn the recipes and anecdotes associated with them.

Hot Stone Herbal Bath
  • Hot Stone Herbal Bath - Nothing can be more soothing and relaxing after a day hike than taking a traditional hot stone herbal bath, locally known as Menchu. This herbal bath is a unique Sikkimese invention that cures body aches, skin disease, and arthritis apart from giving a complete relaxation of body and soul. Preparing the bath is a long process of 4 to 6 hours and should be pre-intimated. MORE

Attractions in Biksthang

  • Kaluk

    From Biksthang, you can go for an excursion to a twin villages – Rinchenpong and Kaluk. Known for an incredible view of the Kanchenjunga mountains, these villages witnessed the fierce British assault during the 1860s, who were forced to retreat after facing strong resistance from the Sikkimese force. Here you can also visit a local model farmhouse of one hospitable Sikkimese family with whom you will enjoy a traditional lunch and storytelling.

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  • Rahuney Cave

    One of the sacred caves in Sikkim – the Rahuney Cave is a 4 km uphill walk from Biksthang and a pleasant hiking experience. This is the cave where the Guru Padmasambhava is believed to have meditated during the 8th Century. According to Legends, with his meditative power, Padmasambhava tamed the evil forces and made them the land's protective deity.

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  • Lhuntse Gompa 

    At an altitude of 1800 meters, the Lhuntse Gompa is 6 km away from Biksthang. Belonging to the Ningmapa Sect of Buddhism, this small monastery was established in the year 1850. There is also a monastic school for the monks here. Lhuntse, in Sikkimese language, refers to 'lofty summit', and from here, one can observe a sweeping view of mountains and valleys on a clear day. From Biksthang, it is a nice uphill walk for about 2 hrs.

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Biksthang is well connected with all major destinations in Sikkim and nearby states. Gangtok – the capital of Sikkim, is a 4hrs drive from here. The Bagdogra airport is 120kms and takes about 3.5hrs. You can reach Darjeeling in the neighbouring state of Bengal on a 3hrs journey. You can also make Biksthang your base to explore West and South Sikkim's other tourist destinations such as Pelling, Rabangla, Yuksom and Tashiding. You can visit each of these destinations in a day excursion.

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