Ravangla Sandeep


A scenic countryside in South Sikkim
Ravangla in South Sikkim, at an altitude of 2200 meters, is an important Pass and trade centre between East and West Sikkim. A picturesque village with a cold temperature, Ravangla offers brilliant views of the Greater Himalayan Snow Ranges' high mountain peaks. It is an ideal destination to enjoy the serenity of the Sikkim countryside.
Ravangla, Borong and Namchi give you a feel of rural Sikkim. Enjoy short village and nature walks or a hike to Maenam La. There is even a hot spring at Borong, which needs a couple of hours to reach. Chardham is a recent pilgrimage for Buddhists. Also, visit the Statue of Samdruptse and the famous Ralong Monastery.
Prime attractions in Ravangla include a visit to Ralang Monastery, Temi Tea Garden, Samdruptse Statue in Namchi and some exciting treks to Damtam-Tendong and Maenam-Bhaledunga.

Activities in Rabangla

Mainam La Hike
  • Mainam La Hike - An arduous hike to Maenam Hilltop at 3100 meters can occupy your day while you are in Ravangla. This 4hr uphill hike takes you through the verdant forests of oak, chestnut, magnolia and rhododendron to a vantage point at Mainam Hilltop, known for offering a stunning panoramic beauty of the greater Himalayas along with the vast plain in the South. MORE

Temi Excursion
  • Temi Excursion - A day excursion to the only Tea Estate of Sikkim is a pleasant experience. The lush garden in the scenic landscape of South Sikkim was established in 1960 with Sikkim Last King Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal's initiative. Apart from offering stunning beauty, the garden produces high-quality orthodox tea and exports, mainly in the European Countries. A visit to the Tea factory in Temi with tea testing can make the excursion more meaningful.

Tendong Hike
  • Tendong Hike - Tendong Hill, a sacred grove on top of a Hill at 2600 meters, sets amid the lush sub-tropical and broadleaved forests and offers an exciting day-hike for people staying on Ravangla, Namchi, Kewzing and Temi. Fascinating folklore is associated with this place. According to the Lepcha legend, the Tendong Hill saved the people of the land in ancient times, when the flood caused devastation. Even today, the Buddhist monks visit this place and offer prayer and respect to the almighty while staying in a secluded hermitage which is the point of attraction in Tendong.

Phurchachu Hot Spring and Kahdosang Phu cave
  • Phurchachu Hot Spring and Kahdosang Phu cave - Phurchachu Hot Spring is a popular place for the local people to soak in the natural hot sulphur water that contains rich minerals with medicinal values. The hot spring, also known as Rishi Hot Spring, is located on the Rangeet River Bed near Legship on the Jorthang Pelling highway. One can walk down to the river bed for about 10 minutes and cross over a footbridge on the Ranjeet River to reach the spot from the main road. The wintertime is best for this spring as the water remains hot at this time. With a holy cave called Kahdosang Phu, this area is considered sacred by the local devotees. MORE

Attractions in Rabangla

  • Borong

    A calm, foggy hamlet in South Sikkim overlooking the Rangeet and Relli River Valleys, Borong is a 20km drive from Ravangla. Borong is situated on a hill slope that descends to the valleys below and gives an excellent view of Mt Narsing and Mt Jupono snow peaks in the Himalayan ranges.

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  • Kheunpheling Carpet Centre 

    This Carpet Centre is an initiative by the Sikkim Government to empower the Tibetan Settlers who migrated to Sikkim during the Chinese aggression in Tibet. The centre trains and helps the women of the area learn the traditional Tibetan handicraft, including Woollen Carpet and handicrafts, which they can sell at a fair price to the locals and visitors.

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  • Ralang Monastery

    Ralang, at a distance of 10 km from Ravangla, has two beautiful monasteries – one very old, constructed in 1768, and the other is newly constructed. These monasteries follow the Kagyupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Each year during Aug/Sep, based on the Tibetan lunar calendar, a colourful festival Pang Lhbsong is held and draws many people from far and near. The monks perform an important mask dance during this festival.

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  • Buddha Park

    A massive statue of Lord Buddha set inside a landscaped garden in Ravangla is a recent addition for tourists and pilgrims. A lovely spot to spend some time in nature and take photographs.

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  • Samdruptse 

    In the Bhutia language, Samdruptse means 'A Hill That Fulfils Your Wish'. Naturally, it draws a swarm of people from local and outside Sikkim to visit this place and make a wish.

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