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A Scenic Valley on the Myndtu River
Jowai is a serene little town built on a finger-shaped plateau in the Jaintia Hills, and the historical seat of the ancient Pnar Kingdom. Bordered on both sides of the plateau by the Myndtu River, Jowai at an altitude of 1300 metres provides sweeping vistas of the valleys below, with its wetlands and patchwork of paddy fields.
In July, Jowai hosts the largest celebration of the Behdeinkhlam Festival, a major cultural event for the Pnar people. The sleepy little town comes alive during the 4-day event - history, heritage and natural beauty coming together. The lovely Tyrchi Falls, just on the outskirts of the town, is worth a visit for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. History buffs should certainly visit the Jowai Presbyterian Church, built in the 19th century and a fantastic example of Colonial architecture influenced by local traditions. The Nartiang Monolith garden, just ahead of the market, is truly one of a kind in the entire world, a historical and cultural monument that has no rival.

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    A mingling of history, culture and beauty unique to Meghalaya, this is the largest collection of Monoliths in one single area and boasts the largest Monoliths in the entire world. Just ahead of the Nartiang market and about 26 kilometres from Jowai, this was the summer retreat of the Jaintia Kings during the 17th century and the garden itself is believed to have been started in the 16th century, a monument to past rulers and ancestors.

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    A few kilometres north of Jowai town is a beautiful hilltop spot, perfect for a picnic or a gentle hike. Lalong village is the site of a sacred grove and eco-park, home to dozens of indigenous trees and plants. Lalong is the only place in Meghalaya where the unique Noh Sakyriet dance is held.

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    Just outside of Jowai town is the scenic and historical Thadleskien Lake, said to have been dug by the men of the great Jaintia Chieftain U Sajar Nangli, using the ends of their bows and arrows. Although man-made, it is fed by a natural stream and remains crystal clear all year round.

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  • Shnongpdeng

    Just 8 kilometres away from Dawki, on the banks of the ethereal Umngot River, is the tiny town of Shnongpdeng, host of many adventure and river camps, and away from the bustle of the tourist circuit. An offbeat destination, Shnongpdeng is a hidden gem offering up adventure activities like boating, cliff jumping, scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling.

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