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Story of a Catastrophic Night!
You should reach Jatinga between September and October on a moonless night when the whole valley is shrouded with mist and darkness. The suspicion and glumness around oddly recall the feeling depicted in this poem. But in "The Darkling Thrush", the poet discovers a small relief in the grey scenery. There's an aged Thrush who still evokes some hope if not ecstasy. Your night in the Jatinga Valley could be more miserable as the birds here during this time don't come to lift your spirit with a song but attempt self-immolation, leaving the terror behind.
A small village on the edge of North Cachar Hills, Jatinga is the part of Dima Hasao District of Assam and is the only hill station of the state lying at Borail Range's foothills. Located at a distance of around 330 kilometres from Guwahati, this is a popular tourist destination for the old and rare bird phenomenon. Similar to other hill stations, it's not the scenic beauty of the valleys or the floral and faunal wealth of the place that beckons visitors from far and wide but the shocking incident of birds' committing suicide' that attracts people a great deal.
It is said that when the monsoon is over, particularly on the foggy moonless nights between 6 p.m. and 9:30, around 44 species of a bird suddenly become anxious in this area. Strangely disoriented, the birds get attracted to fires and lights. Either they plunge into the fires put up by the villagers or die hitting themselves against the trees or other objects in search of light sources. It was a supernatural phenomenon for the locals, and they thought that the flying spirits caused it by terrifying them. To eliminate the foul forces from their village, they even captured the birds by bamboo poles and beat them to death. Fortunately, the awareness campaigns organized by the wildlife and bird societies have reduced this mass killing, and today it is more of a tourist attraction.
Despite the threats and the curse reoccurring every year, the birds are seen flying in this small village's skies. The overall analysis of the situation describes the weird combination of high altitude, strong winds, and thick fog that disorient the birds this season. The bright light put up by the locals during this time puzzles them more compelling them to catch fire. A few theorists believe that the region's meteorological conditions at this time trigger specific changes in the magnetic qualities of the underground water that disorient the living creatures.
Although most people come here to experience this unusual phenomenon, the village possesses some other attractions. The lush and serenity of Jatinga are no less mysterious and somehow offer the ideal setting for a dramatic occurrence. And if you are here during September and October when the mist and fog veil the entire valley, you, too, like the tribal people, may feel for a moment that nature conspires to this disaster. To witness the mysterious phenomenon at Jatinga, you have a Watchtower, and prior permission is advisable as you may lose the chance without it. Apart from this, you have the Hempeopet Peak from where you can enjoy a marvellous glance of the region and sunrise here is a fabulous experience. The wonderful orchid gardens at Jatinga and the tribal dance are two more important sights you shouldn't miss.






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