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A Passage to the Past of a Pluralist Society
This historic capital of Assam is now cosmopolitan in the real sense. Busy Guwahati, located on the banks of Brahmaputra, showcases a joyous plural society combining various traditions and cultures of the state and the places nearby. Surrounded by serene greens and being home to many important temples, it has always been a preferred destination for an adventurer and a devout. With its unfathomable beauty, the mighty Brahmaputra River has drawn millions and has always been the centre of attraction. Lively Guwahati is more famous as a commercial hub of the northeast today.
This gateway of 'Seven Sisters' or seven states of northeast India has several attractions in the store that have beckoned tourists from far and wide over the periods. Apart from flourishing tea plantations and a wide range of wildlife, Guwahati has many charms guaranteed to spark delight.
Presently, Guwahati remains one of the essential metropolitans and also the largest city in North-eastern India. Impressive ruins evoke a glorious past, and many ancient temples scattered all over the city have brought it the title of the "City of Temples."
The city may be more popular as a rapidly growing metropolitan to the world today; today's tales and traditions are still alive in its heart. Here melts old with modernity gracefully and effortlessly. The origin of Guwahati dates back to the sixth century, and the city has always been an integral part of Assam. Traces of the city are often found in Puranas or ancient epics. Mahabharata talks about Guwahati as the capital of Bhagadatta and Kamakhya. And it is referred to as "Pragjyotishpura", which means the city of eastern light. Guwahati has also been mentioned as Durjaya in many places; the word indicates an invincible power ruling Kamrup during the time.

Activities in Guwahati

Birding around Guwahati
  • Birding around Guwahati - What makes the trip to Guwahati even more impressive is the diverse population of avifauna. Several waterbodies encircling Guwahati offer an excellent warm-up birding activity. With an envious collection of around 250 types of birds, Deepor Beel holds a special place in the hearts of bird lovers. MORE

Cruising in the Brahmaputra
  • Cruising in the Brahmaputra - Assam is a rich land. The state crowned with rolling hills is also home to vast plains and dense forest. And they say that it's the Brahmaputra that keeps the heart beating. But it is one of the angriest drivers. Everybody fears its rage and power. Well, a trip to Guwahati allows you to take a close look at this very mysterious river. Brahmaputra River cruises will enable you to overview Assam's temples, monasteries, tea gardens, colourful villages, rare and migratory birds, and freshwater Dolphins.

Temple visit
  • Temple visit - Impressive ruins remind us of a glorious past, and numerous antique temples scattered all over the city have brought it a title, and to the world, it is known as "The City of Legendary Temples." Assam has always been a favourite place for religious people. And Guwahati allows you a mystical journey discovering some incredible architecture of ancient times. Located on the banks of Brahmaputra, Hajo is an important religious and historical site. MORE

City tour, food and shopping
  • City tour, food and shopping - The prosperous city's population is growing fast, and currently, it is harbouring a million. Guwahati for ages has been a bustling centre of business and entertainment. The rich attractions and pleasant environment keep Guwahati crowded for the entire year. In the last few years, the increasing construction of malls, hotels, and restaurants has made it a hotspot for shopaholics, tourists, and food lovers. From newly built malls to years old marketplaces like Fancy Bazaar, Pan Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar – Guwahati is an A-grade shopping destination with loads of stuff in the store. The year's old flea markets are the best places to collect traditional and authentic goods at a reasonable price.

  • Excursion - There are several excursions from Guwahati – a trip to Sualkuchi, the textile hub of Assam, a wildlife excursion to Pobitora Sanctuary, where the rhino roam with domestic cows, are some of the attractions which can keep your day occupied in a meaningful way.

Attractions in Guwahati

  • Kamakhya Temple

    On the banks of the Brahmaputra River lies one of the largest cities of Assam, Guwahati. Growing rapidly, this metropolitan boasts of certain fabulous natural and cultural treasures, and the renowned Kamakhya Temple is undoubtedly one of them.

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  • Sualkuchi Silk Centre: A Tale of Magic Weavers

    When Mahatma Gandhi visited Sualkuchi in 1946 and saw the weavers' fascinating craftsmanship, he commented – "You can script fairy tales on clothes." This perhaps describes best why a visit to Sualkuchi leaves you speechless. The hub of Assam's weaving industry, Sualkuchi, is a charming village with around 50,000 people on the mighty Brahmaputra banks.

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  • Deepor Beel

    Located around eighteen kilometres southwest of Guwahati City, Deepor or Dipor Beel is a permanent freshwater lake in a former channel of Brahmaputra. Deepor Beel on the Jalukbari Khanapara bypass is also famous as the first Bird Sanctuary and the only Ramsar Site of Assam. With immense biological and environmental significance, this is a critical stormwater storage basin for the city and also a large wetland under the Ramsar Convention.

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  • Assam State Museum

    Located near a water tank in Guwahati called Dighalipukhuri, Assam State Museum is known as one of the country's most prominent multi-purpose museums. Made to appreciate the land's culture and heritage, it allows you glimpses of a vivid and bewildering Assam displaying years-old traditions of the state. Besides an impressive collection of some most authentic sculptures, ivory paintings, woodwork, metal and costumes, the museum is famous for housing some rare antiques that belong to the pre-historic era.

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  • The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre

    Assamese Tea is famous worldwide, and GTAC, The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, is one of the most eventful tea trading places on earth. As per records, the commercial production of Assamese Tea started in the year 1833. The state, however, had no selling outlet for years. On 25th September 1970, Assam inaugurated the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, which increased within a short period.

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  • Paltan Bazaar

    Experience some Cozy Moments with a Busy Assam. Paltan Bazaar, one of the oldest market areas of Guwahati, is located among some busiest places in the city. Surrounded by Pan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, Rehabari, and Dighalipukhri, Paltan or Polton Bazaar is a pulsating, pleasant and convenient place for the tourists. This well-connected area of Guwahati has been highly preferred by visitors for trendy outlets and excellent amenities.

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  • Umananda Temple and Peacock Island

    Come home to 'The City of Legendary Temples'. Welcome to Guwahati, the city of numerous Gods and their stories. The city is home to many famous religious sites, and Umananda Devaloi is one of the top favourites. Located at Peacock Island, this temple was built to worship Lord Shiva. Like most of the Shiva Temples, this too was erected during the Ahom Kingdom and is one of their finest creations. As per records, Ahom King Gadadhar Singha, who ruled Assam from 1681 to 1696, was a devout follower of Lord Shiva, and he built this temple to pay homage to the Lord.

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  • Saraighat Bridge

    This marvellous bridge over the river Brahmaputra connects the northern and southern banks of Saraighat. Sarai was the name of a small village where the state had its abandoned North Frontier Railway Station of Amingaon. The battle of Saraighat is a famous episode in the history of Assam. The big battle was fought between the Mughals and the Ahoms.

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