Pulongdong Village

Pulung Dong Village

A Lepcha Traditional Village near Darjeeling
You wake up in a small and cosy bamboo cottage with the smells of clay and cardamom. Just another lazy morning in a laidback village where nothing happens usually. Days come and pass in their own rhythm. A small village of a handful of Lepcha Community Pulong Dong is now ready to welcome you and offer a fascinating village experience.
Hidden deep inside a verdant valley surrounded by dense forests and lush tea gardens, Pulong Dong village has suddenly joined the Homestay Tourism Map in North Bengal. Situated just 5 km from Sukhia Pokhri, a small commercial market on the Darjeeling-Mirik highway, Pulundong can be accessed by road from Darjeeling in just 1hr. The pristine natural surroundings with tall pine trees and wild streams offer a fascinating birding opportunity. Pulong Dong village is an ideal place to know about the Lepcha People – an aboriginal community in Darjeeling and Sikkim.
Recently, with the help of the Bengal government, Pulong Dong has initiated community-based tourism with ten individual cottages run and maintained by the Lepcha people who remain your host during their stay. Each of the cottages has all basic amenities with a privet bath and running hot & cold shower. Fresh bio-organic farm food is prepared in the house and served with the utmost care and love.

Activities in Pulung Dong Village

Nature hiking
  • Nature hiking - Several short nature trail in the village makes this village an interesting place for nature lovers looking for a refreshing break. A friendly Lepcha person will accompany you to explore the unseen areas in and around the village during your stay. A small Buddhist monastery on top of a hill is worth a visit.

  • Excursions - Pulung Dong can be a base to explore the higher ridges of Singalila National Park. Being close to Maneybhanjang – the gateway to Singalila, one can go for a day excursion with a 4-wheel jeep to Sandakphu and return the same day. A day visit to Darjeeling, which is just 20 km from the village, is also an option.

Birds and wildlife
  • Birds and wildlife - The Lepchas are the natural conservator of the environment as they worship the mountains, forests and rivers as their protecting deity. And nature has poured Pulong Dong with a blessing. The natural forests are teeming with birds and wildlife. A rare collection of mammals, including Chinese Pangolin, Ferret Badger, Flying Squirrel, Giant Squirrel, mountain Goat and Leopard, roam freely in the area. Himalayan Newt, or Salamandar, an extremely endangered amphibian, can be spotted in any natural water body around this village.






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