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Rural Darjeeling Experience
Towering woods of dark–mossy pine, fluttering prayer flags with all possible colours, the mesmerising view of snow ranges over the rolling valleys, fog coiling up beneath your foot, a tranquil atmosphere all around- the charm never ends in Lamahatta.
Of late, Lamahatta used to be a short stopover point for the commuters between Darjeeling – Gangtok and Kalimpong. They can get very fresh organic vegetables, mainly carrot, radish, cauliflower, peas etc. A small village on a vital road linking Darjeeling and Kalimpong, Lamahatta, has suddenly taken place on the tourism map because the Chief Minister of Bengal, Ms Mamata Banerjee, stopped here and was lured by its beauty while passing through this road. Lamahatta was always a picturesque village but was never taken into consideration as a tourist destination. However, due to Ms Banerjee's initiative, it is becoming a popular tourist stopover with many homestays and lodges coming up.
The People
This village's primary occupants are a Drukpa community – a tribe of Bhutia origin with their distinct culture, language, and food habit. The unspoilt and simple lifestyle of the villagers can also be an exciting subject for travellers. Apart from being a scenic village, Lamahatta is a crucial place to attract travellers of different tastes and interests.

Activities in Lamahatta

Lamahatta to Tinchuley walk
  • Lamahatta to Tinchuley walk - A beautiful easy walk through dense pine and mixed forests of buffer Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary leads to Tinchuley – another small hamlet with few homestays. This hike takes about 45min and is a pleasant experience. MORE

Nature hike to a natural pond
  • Nature hike to a natural pond - A recently built lovely paved way through towering Dhupi trees for about 20minutes takes you to a serene and silent zone on top of a hill. A small natural pool of water surrounded by dark forests cover was given a facelift with a few wooden benches built around the pool for the walkers allowing them to have a refreshing rest. MORE

Walk to a timeless Drukpa Gompa
  • Walk to a timeless Drukpa Gompa - Hidden deep inside a mossy wet patch of forest 2kms below Lamahatta village stands a small Buddhist Gompa, where time has not changed for hundreds of years. A small two-storied structure built with mud and timber and surrounded by giant old trees talks about the history of ancient times. You can hear the leaves fall as you walk down a rusty staircase through the woods for 15 minutes off the main road to reach the Monastery complex guarded by two colourful Chorten (sacred stupas) and prayer flags. MORE

Birds, orchids and butterfly
  • Birds, orchids and butterfly - The prime natural forest cover around the Lamahatta village is a lucrative area for bird and butterfly lovers. The moist temperate forest of Senchal Wildlife sanctuary extends below the town with lovely foliage of Michelia, Oak, Pine, Birch and bamboos, providing an ideal habitat for more than 150 bird species, including the flagship species Satyr Tragopan. Brown Parrotbill, Chestnut-crowned Laughing thrush, and Dark-breasted Rose Finch are among other critical noticeable species.

Day excursion to Kalimpong with the option of River Rafting
  • Day excursion to Kalimpong with the option of River Rafting - Kalimpong, the second-largest city in Darjeeling Hills, is 30kms away from Lamahatta. The beautiful scenic journey on Peshok road is itself a prime attraction in this day's excursion.MORE

Day excursion to Darjeeling with an option of Toy train ride
  • Day excursion to Darjeeling with an option of Toy train ride - Darjeeling, 25kms away from Lamahatta, can be visited in a one-hour drive via Ghoom Jorbungalow road. The beautiful avenue lined with Pine and Oak forests will make your journey even more attractive. MORE

Mongpu Takdah excursion with the option of the forest walk 
  • Mongpu - Takdah excursion with the option of the forest walk  - A scenic drive to Mongpu and Takdah will occupy your day. Mongpu, a small village in the Kurseong subdivision, is primarily a cinchona producing area. It is also famous for an old house, where the Noble Laureate and the all-time great poet Rabindranath Tagore lived in his last few years. The house is now turned into a museum, where Tagore's daily belongings and furniture are preserved.

Sports Angling in Teesta Rangeet River
  • Sports Angling in Teesta Rangeet River - If you are a lover of sportfishing in turbulent mountain rivers, gear up with your equipment. A beautiful day out for angling in Teesta River is just ideal for you. From Lamahatta Village, a scenic drive of approximate 15kms on the Peshok road leading to Kalimpong will take you to Triveni Confluence, one of the most favourite places for the anglers Darjeeling Himalayas. MORE

Tiger Hill Sunrise
  • Tiger Hill Sunrise - A fabulous sunrise awaits you at Tiger Hill, one of the most discussed places on the earth, for enjoying a great view of the rising sun over the higher snow ranges of the Himalayas. Most people would believe that Darjeeling is the right place to visit Tiger Hill, but you can reach the summit of Tiger Hill from Lamahatta is a 40min drive. MORE

Attractions in Lamahatta

  • Chatakpur

    Come to Chatakpur – a dozy little village smudged in perennial fog amidst towering dark pine trees. Within a 25kms drive from Darjeeling through Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, you are in the unspoiled hamlet in hidden Darjeeling hills. At almost 6000ft, Chatakpur maintains a pleasantly cold temperature throughout the year and is an ideal destination for a romantic vacation. You can visit the picturesque tea garden of Peshok and Ronglee Rongliot from here.

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  • Takdha

    Brace yourself for a unique heritage experience at Takdah. A little known picturesque village near Darjeeling, Takdha used to be an army cantonment during British rule. Some of the old bungalows still testimonies the Victorian architecture of the ancient days.

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