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Gateway to Neora Valley
At the base of an unexplored terrain of virgin Neora Valley National Park, a small village with a handful of houses, Kolakham looms lazily on a ridge that opens to a vast valley with Snowy mountains on the horizon.
Enriched with a varied forest type - tropical, sub-tropical, and sub-temperate - Kolakham at an altitude of 1850 Mt, has become a prime birding destination in Darjeeling Himalayas. Because of its proximity to Neora Valley National Park, Kolakham attracts many bird-watchers from different parts of India and even from abroad. With its altitudinal benefit and pleasant picturesque surroundings, this little village is also an ideal destination for a relaxed holiday.
A village of Rai People - a hospitable and veg eating hill community - Kolakham is a large-cardamom production area. The village people's simple life working tirelessly in the terraced field portrays a sharp contrast to a busy urban world.
The Neora Valley Jungle Camp, a small boutique camp resort, is located at an altitude of 1868m at Kolakham village on Neora Valley National Park's fringe. The camp is a sophisticated combination of local architecture and modern amenities and has five comfortable en-suite rooms.

Activities in Kolakham

Changey Falls Walk
  • Changey Falls Walk - A gentle 5 Km walk from Kolakham among the verdant forests and cluster of villages leads to Changey Falls - a stunning Waterfall cascading down from a height of 300 Ft - forming a nice natural pool. The pool's Crystal blue water is so alluring you may like to jump in the water for a refreshing swim. MORE

A day excursion to Neora Valley National Park
  • A day excursion to Neora Valley National Park - From Kolakham, a trip deep inside the Neora Valley is a remarkable experience. Pack your breakfast and take a four-wheel jeep to drive through a rugged gravel road through the most virgin forests to observe the bounty of nature and wildlife. This park has an incredible variety of rare Himalayan birds and mammals. MORE

Attractions in Kolakham

  • The Neora Valley National Park

    Flanked between Bhutan and Indian State Sikkim's border, the Neora Valley National Park is one of India's least penetrated wilderness. With incredibly rich biodiversity comprising temperate evergreen broadleaf forest and Rhododendron forest, the entire park is a storehouse of some very rare bird and wildlife species.

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  • Lava and Lolegaon

    Lava is a foggy hamlet in the higher ridges of less trodden Kalimpong Hills with dark towering pine and oak forests and is a gateway to primitive forests of Neora Valley National Park.

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