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A Hidden Valley with its Magical Water>
A rugged journey through the forested road in the West Siang District leads to an enchanting land of Mechuka Valley – breathtaking and one of the least explored landscapes in Arunachal. Lying just 30km from the disputed China Border, the Mechuka Valley was almost forbidden for the outside people even a few decades ago.
With its pristine nature, climate and friendly people Mechuka has now placed itself on the must-visit map of Arunachal's rural circuit. A land, owing to its peaceful surroundings, stunning nature and great hospitality can inspire any poet, writer, painter, photographer or explorer for a long duration of stay.
Mechuka, at about 1800 meters altitude, is surrounded by snow-capped mountains with the River Siyom running through the Valley. Four main tribes inhabit this beautiful land - Memba, Ramo, Bokar and Libo. Membas are most dominant in numbers and are known for their unique hospitality. They are mostly Buddhist and speak Memba, Adi, Hindi and English.
Mechuka has nicknames. It is called the 'healer Mechuka'. It has a combination of three words: 'men' or 'medicinal', 'Chu' as 'water' and kha as rice in the local dialect. The melted water streams through the ice-capped mountain are believed to have medicinal power. It is said that, in ancient times, the sick of the Memba tribes were healed by bathing in these waters.






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