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Manas National Park

An UNESCO Heritage Biodiversity
Manas National Park is a precious piece of natural heritage recognized worldwide as an Elephant Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve. Adding more thrill to it, the unique population of Wild Water Buffalos and Rhino make the reserve even more striking. In addition to the scenic beauty, the forest has become valuable for being home to some scarce and endangered species like the Assam Roofed Turtle, Golden Langur, Hispid Hare, and Pygmy Hog.
Covering an area of 391 km2, the park is spread across three ranges. Stretched throughout six districts Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon, Barpeta, Nalbari, Kamrup and Darrang, the reserve is interspersed with several water bodies like Sankosh, Saralbangha, Hel, Tanali, Courage, Sidli (Bhor) Aio, Manas, Beki, Pathimari, Kaladia, Tihunala, Morapagaldia, Nala, Braalia, Pbornodi and Dhansiri.
The park lies close to the Indo-Bhutan international border adjacent to wildlife territories in Bhutan. The Manas River, with its powerful panoramic beauty, is, of course, a big bonus for travel enthusiasts. And many of them visit the park to delight in its enchantment. Situated at the west of the park, the river splits into two, and the following streams are known as Beki and Bholkaduba.
The Manas River and five more small water bodies flowing through the park have made it a thickly forested land. More than 543 types of plants, therefore, thrive here as per records. In the Savanna area, visitors stumble upon a beautiful bedrock formed by limestone and sandstone. Deposits of fine alluvium in the south fuel the added thrill, and the serenity of Mathanguri is a blissful meet.

Activities in Manas National Park

Safari in Manas
  • Safari in Manas - Exploring the unparalleled wilderness via jeep, elephant, and boat ride makes the adventure even more fascinating for nature enthusiasts. The elephant rides organized by the authority allow you an intimate conversation with the flora and fauna of Manas. The trip usually begins from Mathanguri, running deep green into the densest terrains. MORE

Village tour in Manas
  • Village tour in Manas - What makes this journey a soulful trip is your encounter with the Bodos, one of the oldest tribes of Assam and an essential part of the mystique splendour. A visit to the Bodo villages reveals a remarkable history of rich culture. If you are a history buff, this is an excellent opportunity to observe their activities and lifestyle from close quarters. For others, their textile, weaving skills, music and dance will be a delightful surprise.

Attractions in Manas National Park

  • Wildlife in Manas

    Famous around the world for its remarkable population of endangered species, this UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site is one of the few places that offer sights of pure wilderness in company with a pictorial tour. Currently harbouring more than twenty endangered species, the reserve is famous for pygmy hog, Indian rhinoceros, Water buffalo, slow loris, capped langur, wild pig, sambar, Hispid Hare, Golden Languor, Leopards, and Clouded Leopards, Malayan giant squirrel or giant black squirrel, etc.

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  • Birdlife in Manas

    Manas is often described as a perfect destination for birds. Widely known for the record population of Bengal Florican, an endangered species, the place allows generous glimpses of the Great Hornbill. Records say that Manas offers shelter to nearly 380 species, to which the adjoining rocky terrain of Bhutan adds at least a hundred birds.

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