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Temi Tea Garden

Sikkim’s Only Tea Estate
Surrounded by lovely views of Sikkim countryside with gorgeous snow peaks dominating the horizons, Temi Tea Garden has recently become one of the most sought after destinations in the off-the-beaten-track in Sikkim. This 400-acre Tea Estate on the undulating slopes in pristine South Sikkim Hills is the only Tea Garden in Sikkim, known for its unique flavour of Orthodox Tea. The tea history of Sikkim started in 1969 with the initiative of the last Chogyal King.
With a mission to empower the Tibetan people who immigrated to Sikkim from Tibet during the Chinese invasion, the Chogyals started tea plantations around South Sikkim hills. Soon, Temi became one of the top class tea-producing gardens in the world. Because of its environment-friendly cultivation, Temi Tea has achieved the Organic Tea Certificate from Switzerland, a major Tea Importer.
The stunning cherry trees surround the Temi Tea Garden. When in full bloom during winter, a drive through the Cherry Tree guarded avenue offers a fascinating vista.

Activities in Temi Tea Garden

Tea Tour
  • Tea Tour - Indulge yourself in the luxury of the sprawling planter’s bungalow and experience the rare orthodox Temi Tea, known for its delicate aroma and taste. A tea tour in the garden guided by a manager will reveal the tea history in Sikkim as you can learn the different process tea passes through before reaching you. A tea tasting session can also be arranged for those interested.

  • Hiking - The two most important hikes in South Sikkim can be completed while staying in Temi. A 4 hrs round trek to Tendong Hill takes you to 2800 meters, while a full day-long hike reaches Mainam La Top through a verdant sanctuary at 3100 meters. Both of them are known for striking panoramic views from the top with the opportunity for bird watching.

Attractions in Temi Tea Garden

  • Samdruptse

    You can visit the giant statue of Guru Padmasambhava in Samdruptse from Temi in 1 hr. Samdruptse is a Buddhist pilgrim site built on a hilltop and draws many tourists each year.

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  • Namchi

    Namchi is a district head-quarter town in South Sikkim with a commanding view of the surrounding towns and valleys. Recently Sikkim government has constructed a skywalk which is a popular tourist attraction. Namchi is becoming more popular for a visit to Sikkim- Chardham – a holy site built to attract pilgrims from Buddhists and Hindu religions. Namchi is just 25 km away from Temi and can be visited on a half-day tour.

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  • Rabangla

    A popular tourist hub in South Sikkim, Rabangla is just a 20 km drive from Temi. Nestled between two verdant forests of Maenam Sanctuary and Tendon Hill, Rabangla offers interesting short day hikes with the opportunity of bird watching.

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The convenient location between all major tourist hubs in Sikkim a stay in Temi will allow you to go for a day excursion to Pelling, Rabangla and Gangtok. At an altitude of 1800 meters on the Rabangla-Singtam Road, Temi Tea Garden provides many exciting day-activities. You can hike to Tendong Hill or Maenam Hill, bird-watching in a forest trail, go for a bi-cycling in the village trail, excursion to Samdruptse Statue, and visit a recently added pilgrim site at Chardham.

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