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The Northern Foothill Plains
Imagine a vast expanse of greens on the Sub-Himalayan foothills between Bhutan and Bangladesh with a carpet of sprawling tea estates, prime tropical & grassland forests, and labyrinth networks of streams & rivers, tiny laidback villages with diverse ethnicity. We are talking about Dooars.
Dooars derived its name from its proximity to the neighbouring country Bhutan with several 'doors' along the frontiers.
A land that has developed a rear conglomeration of multi-linguistic ethnic groups of Toto, Rava, Mech, Drukpa and many others, who have generated a strong brotherhood and at the same time have been successful in maintaining their unique traditions, languages and habits.
The fertile land fed by hundreds of perennial streams is a storehouse of varied forest types from tropical to grasslands - which is a natural grazing ground for One-horned Rhino, Elephant, Indian Bison, leopard, along with an incredible variety of birds, reptiles and smaller mammals.
Myriad intertwined relations between humans, nature & animals have also resulted in severe conflict between them. But ultimately, it is the people of this land who have maintained a balanced co-existence between each of the elements, which makes Dooars a unique and exemplary land.

Activities in Dooars

Jungle Safari
  • Jungle Safari - The prime attraction in the Dooars foothill plains is a wildlife safari in an open hood jeep that takes you to the forest's core and allows viewing different wild animals in their natural habitat. Mostly Rhino, Elephant, Indian Bison, different deer species, leopard and an extensive collection of low land bird species attract people from abroad. The safaris are mainly operated in the early morning and late afternoon. Jaldapara, Gorumara and Chilapata are some of the prime locations for the jungle safari.

Bird watching
  • Bird watching - The varied forest types in the Dooars foothill give the bird lovers a splendid opportunity to experience this land's rich avifauna. Winter and spring are the best time to see them in the area as many hill birds migrate to the lower altitude. MORE

Village visit
  • Village visit - The multi-linguistic ethnic groups of Toto, Rava, Mech, Drukpa, and many others generate a strong brotherhood in Dooars. It is a wonderful experience to witness the community's unique culture. A visit to the villages gives you a unique opportunity to learn their traditions, culture and habits.

Tea Garden tour
  • Tea Garden tour - Lush tea estates of hundreds and thousands of acres dominate the landscape of Dooars. These tea gardens started their plantation more than 100 years back when the British planters initiated the cultivation. Some of the fabulous planters' bungalow now offers very comfortable and experiential accommodation for the holidayers. Staying in the tea bungalow, you can learn the tea history with many exciting tea-based activities.

Nature Excursion
  • Nature Excursion - A scenic drive through the vast open land with numerous forests, tea gardens, villages, and river valleys separated by small low hills and tableland is the Dooars tour's signature. There are several remote areas in Dooars worth a visit as a day excursion. Visit Bindu, Jhalong, Samsing, and Murti – all are lovely destinations and can occupy your days pleasantly.

Attractions in Dooars

  • Jaldapara National Park

    Jaldapara National Park is a unique savanna type grassland in North Bengal-Bhutan foothills. The park has attained worldwide fame for its large population of Asiatic One-Horned Rhino with the Maximum number of Rhino in India after Kaziranga National Park in Assam. It presently holds 115 Rhinos apart from elephants, Bison, Leopard, Tiger, Deer, and many birds and reptiles. With Hollong and Torsha rivers flowing through it, the sanctuary also offers a fascinating landscape.

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  • Gorumara National Park

    Gorumara is a popular wild retreat in Dooars plains in the Himalayan foothills and a National Park known for the presence of Asiatic One-Horned Rhino, Bison and Elephants.

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  • Murti

    On Murti River's bank, Murti is a jungle retreat beside Gorumara National Park in Dooars Plains, with a few Government and private resorts on a scenic landscape and offers exciting jungle safari and excursions.

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  • Chilapata  

    An upcoming jungle retreat inside the dense forests of Chilapata Wild Life Sanctuary is located on Torsha River's bank with a basic jungle lodge. It is getting popular for a Wildlife experience. Chilapata offers exciting forest safari to observe exciting forest safari herds of elephants, bison, leopard and birds. A ruin of a 300 years old fort deep inside the forests is another attraction.

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  • Rajabhatkhawa

    Rajabhatkhawa in Buxa is an old township just outside of Buxa Tiger Reserve in Eastern Dooars and is now a wilderness retreat popular for bird watching, jungle safari, forest trek. 

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  • Samsing

    Samsing - also known as the wettest region in North Bengal foothills is a small village in a stunning rural landscape with lush green meadow, tea gardens on rolling slopes, perennial streams, wild river gorge, colourful tribal village and a gateway to the virgin forests of Neora Valley - a birders' paradise.

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  • Chalsa

    Chalsa - a major tea garden area on the intersection of low hills and vast plains in Dooars has a luxurious sprawling nature resort with beautiful river valleys, tea gardens and forests.

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