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Jaldapara National Park

Here Rhino Roams Free
Jaldapara is a famous National Park on the India-Bhutan border, known for its large Great Indian Rhino population and vast grassland. The Rhino population here is the second-largest in India after Kaziranga in Assam. Exciting safari on Elephant and by jeep takes you the deep inside the forest and allows you to encounter the most impressive North Bengal animals, including Wild Elephant, Rhino Indian Bison, Hog, Sambar and spotted deer, Python and even leopard.
Hollong – deep inside the forests of Jaldapara with a six-room forest rest house, is a place to experience the wilderness and watch wild animals on an exciting elephant safari and even from the rooms.
With approximate 300 sq km of area, Jaldapara, with mixed deciduous forest and grasslands intercepted by perennial river networks, present a unique bio-diversity in the foothill plains of North Bengal. The luxuriant vegetation offers an excellent birding opportunity, including Crested Hawk Eagle, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, Shikra, Partridges and lesser Pied Hornbill.
Bhutan's most popular land entry point - Phuntsoling, is just a half an hour drive from Jaldapara and overnight stay before heading to Bhutan the next day after a thrilling morning elephant safari.

Activities in Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara Birding
  • Jaldapara Birding - Jaldapara is a rich land in avifauna diversity because of the different forms of terrain and vegetation type. Jaldapara has recorded more than 240 species of birds in its diverse habitat comprising grassland, marshland, water bodies and woodland. MORE

Elephant Safari into Jaldapara Grassland
  • Elephant Safari into Jaldapara Grassland - An early morning elephant ride in Jaldapara grassland is rewarding. The elephant ride gives you the best wildlife experience as you can watch the animals in their natural home from a close distance. This morning we take you for a ride through the high grasses and deep forests, where you can see mainly rhinos, wild elephants, deer and bison roaming free in their natural habitat. Several winter migratory guests, including Brahminy ducks, whistling teals and Goosanders, settle for a period in the park's water bodies. MORE

Car safari in Jaldapara forest
  • Car safari in Jaldapara forest - Jaldapara is best explored in an open hood jeep safari. Drive through the typical forest trail through the sanctuary and come to a watchtower at Harindanga (deer land) inside the forest's core. The tower set amidst the grassland offers an expansive panoramic view of the Jaldapara forest. MORE

Attractions in Jaldapara National Park

  • Chilapata

    Chilapata is an upcoming jungle retreat inside Chilapata Wild Life Sanctuary's dense forests and is located on Torsha River's bank with few basic jungle lodges. It is getting popular for a Wildlife experience. Chilapata offers exciting forest safari to observe exciting forest safari herds of elephants, bison, leopard and birds. A ruin of a 300 years old fort deep inside the forests is another attraction.

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  • Phuntsoling

    Phuntsoling - the main entry point to Bhutan's Kingdom, is an important modern trading centre on Torsha River's bank, forming the natural border between India and Bhutan. The town is situated at the base of the Himalayan foothills. From Jaldapara, it takes only 45 min to reach the border.

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  • Cooch Behar

    The former kingdom of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan made this well-planned city during the 18th Century. The Royal Palace built in 1887 testimonies the classical European style of the Italian Renaissance and is the centre of its attraction. With many heritage buildings and old temples, Cooch Behar can be an ideal destination for heritage architectural study. The Madan Mohan Temple in the city centre attracts many devotees throughout the year. The large pond Sagar Dighi in the city's main hub gives a nice break to spend your time. This pond is also a winter destination for migratory ducks.

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Bhutan's most popular land entry point - Phuntsoling, is just a half an hour drive from Jaldapara and overnight stay before heading to Bhutan the next day after a thrilling morning elephant safari.

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