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Chamong Tea Garden

A Charming Tea Retreat
A recently developed Tea Garden Resort in a hidden valley of Darjeeling, Chamong is primarily an organic tea-producing garden, Darjeeling, which produces high-quality orthodox tea, known worldwide for its delicate aroma. Set amidst a picturesque landscape with sweeping views of lush valleys, the pristine environment of Chamong with unpolluted air, loving tea workers, the cloud, rain and mist together make this place a wonderland where the tea grows with a most delicate flavour.
With a lovely tea planters' bungalow converted into a comfortable nature resort, Chamong is now a popular tea tourism destination in Darjeeling. Here, you have first-hand exposure to tea experience as you learn many tea processing methods before it finally reaches your breakfast table. A special tea testing session is also arranged to give you the ultimate tea experience Darjeeling is known for.

Activities in Chamong Tea Garden

Bird Watching tour
  • Bird Watching tour - The hidden valley of Chamong Tea Estate is surprisingly attractive for bird lovers. Derived its name from a bluebird, locally called 'Chamu', the Chamong area has recorded almost 200 species of birds, most of which are somewhat difficult to find otherwise. MORE

Tea Garden Tour
  • Tea Garden Tour - A guided tea garden tour in Chamong includes walking in the tea gardens, meeting with the tea plucking women, visiting the factory to know tea processing and a special tea testing session. MORE

Attractions in Chamong Tea Garden

  • Singalila National Park Excursion – (3.5hrs each way)

    From Chamong, you can take an exciting safari on a 4-wheel jeep to the highest point of Bengal on the Indo-Nepal borer at 3600-meter altitude, popularly known as Sandakphu. Perched on top of the Singalila National Park, the journey to Sandakphu is an incredible experience for an unmatched view of the greater Himalayan ranges with primitive forests of Rhododendron.

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