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The Scotland of the East!
Any conversation about Shillong conjures up visions of a misty colonial setting, bright sunshine over bustling colourful markets, the sound of blues or jazz wafting from pubs and the cherry blossoms of autumn, transforming the city into hues of pink. The Scotland of the East! So-called because the rolling meadows, pine trees and little waterfalls around the city gladdened the homesick Englishman during their time in India.
One of the smallest towns in India, nevertheless it radiates enough charm and character to be a big city. Largely due to the warmth and unique culture of its residents, it's a beautiful natural setting and its history as one of the most important cultural and economic hubs in the North East. Truly a hidden jewel among the hills, Shillong's beauty is often obscured by clouds and mist, adding to its hill station charm. Best visited just after the heavy rains have abated, October is the prime month to visit.

Activities in Shillong

Heritage Walk in Shillong
  • Heritage Walk in Shillong - An excellent way to explore and appreciate the colonial heritage and beauty of Shillong is an expertly guided walk through the city, exploring its architecture and history, and listening to the stories of its past. Usually anywhere from 2 to 3 hours long, a heritage walk may start at the historic Ward's lake and even take you on a short trek to Lyngiong Sacred Grove. MORE

Excursions to Cherrapunjee
  • Excursions to Cherrapunjee - Now known as Sohra, the small town of Cherrapunjee used to hold the title of the wettest place in the world but lost it to the neighbouring town of Mawsynram. However, an incredible amount of rainfall still pours down into Sohra, creating one of the lushest green places in India. MORE

Excursions to Mawlynnong
  • Excursions to Mawlynnong - The small picturesque village of Mawlynnong shot to fame in 2003 when it was judged the cleanest village in Asia. A title that it still wears with great pride and with good reason. About 90 kilometres by road from Shillong, the village is called "God's garden" by the locals and is kept pristine by the hundred or so residents. MORE

Umden Village Excursion
  • Umden Village Excursion - About 70kms away from Shillong, nestled amidst the lush hillsides is the tiny village of Umden, at first much like any other village in the Khasi hills. However, Umden, home to the Bhoi people of the Khasi tribe, is a unique place and home to one of the rarest crafts and industries in the country – ethical and sustainable Eri Silk. MORE

Night Life in Shillong
  • Night Life in Shillong - Though it may be one of the smallest cities in India, Shillong is huge when it comes to its vibe and nightlife. Music runs in the veins here, and the Police Bazar area comes to life every night with the sounds and tunes of disco music, blues and jazz. Head to the extremely popular Café Shillong for a fantastic dinner or evening drinks accompanied by live music, even local blues legend Lou Majaw may drop in to play a set. MORE

Golfing in Shillong
  • Golfing in Shillong - Golf came to Meghalaya with the British in 1898 and has remained an extremely popular pastime in the city and a part of the culture of Shillong. The gorgeous Shillong Golf Club, with its sprawling 18-hole course, came into being in 1924 and is just 20 minutes away from the market area. MORE

Attractions in Shillong

  • Elephant Falls

    The other feature that reminded the British so much of Scotland were the waterfalls around Shillong and Elephant Falls, some 12 kilometres from the main city was no doubt one of their favourites. Its Khasi name, Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew means Three Steps Waterfall but the British gave it the English name after a rock that was supposed to resemble an elephant.

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  • Umiam Lake

    The Umiam River was dammed to establish a hydroelectric project in the 1960s, and the vast and beautiful Umiam Lake was created. About 15 kilometres from Shillong, the locally called Barapani Lake covers a huge 220 square kilometres and is one of the biggest artificial lakes in the North East.

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  • Ward's Lake

    Extremely popular for tourists, Ward's lake, in the heart of Shillong is a special place both for its history and natural surroundings. Locally known as Nan Polok, or Pollock's Lake, it was built in 1894 and lies close to the Raj Bhavan and Governor's residence, a stone's throw away from Police Bazar.

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  • Local Market – Paltan Bazar

    Also known as the Big Market or Bara Bazar, this is a vast area of lanes and shops that are always buzzing with activity. The market is divided into smaller sections – a vegetable market, fruit market, poultry market, dry fish market etc. Grab a quick bite from one of the many vendors before you start exploring as you'll need the energy.

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  • Lady Hydari's Park

    Lady Hydari Park, in the heart of Shillong, is a peaceful and lush space, complete with a small lake, Japanese inspired structures and willow trees sweeping the ground with their branches. It also boasts a mini zoo, the only one in the city, and a small biodiversity museum. The zoo has a small but varied collection of mammals, birds and reptiles, as well as a deer park.

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