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From a sleepy mountain village of just a few Lepcha, Bhutiya and Limbu families – to a lovely summer resort in the British's hands – to today's Kalimpong - it is a colourful history. Once a trade gateway between Tibet and India, Kalimpong – or Dalingkot in the 18th century – was ruled by the Sikkimese and Bhutanese kingdoms. It came under British control after the 1864 Anglo-Bhutan War.
The old Catholic Churches, Dr John Anderson Graham's orphan house, a nostalgic Morgan House and a stunning golf course on the rolling valley portray a dominant colonial past. However, the influence was not enough to overwhelm the traditional Lepcha Land, which remains pristine as its stunning countryside. The alluring Himalayas, with their virgin forests, vast valleys & meadows dotted with tinny hamlets, made Kalimpong an important travel retreat in Darjeeling Hills. Because of the pleasant climate, Kalimpong produces a huge amount of orchids, cactus and ornamental plants. The town exports the highest quantity of flower abroad. With a diverse ethnic community, Kalimpong has a fascinating tradition of handicraft production and is one of the leading centres for handicraft trading in the region. Wood carving, mask making, jewellery, and bamboo-based decors are the most important items that you can find in every shop in the local market.
In a more profound sense, Kalimpong is an unpolluted area. With fading humanity, hospitality, and brotherhood globally, the entire Eastern Himalayas stands high as a rear exception; and Kalimpong and its surroundings are ideal examples. A visit to the interior villages in the area will broaden your senses.

Activities in Kalimpong

Lava Pedong Lolegaon Excursion
  • Lava-Pedong-Lolegaon Excursion - These small but forever sparkling places are the lure for any tourist. Straddling a ridge between Kalimpong and Lava and surrounded by pine forests on rolling hill slopes, Pedong is a small and peaceful town with a pleasant climate throughout the year. It was also an important business centre that fell on the ancient silk route connecting Tibet with India through the Jelep La Pass. MORE

  • City Walk - Kalimpong city is full of charming experiences. Stroll on the narrow lanes & streets. You never know what newer and unknown names you constantly discover – at least for yourself – down a bend or inside a forest, at a viewpoint or by a riverside. The charming gothic bungalows will transport you to a different time. Delo Top offers you fascinating views of mountain peaks and the Teesta valley. Durpin Dara, at another point, overlooks the picturesque rolling plains of the Teesta and the Rangeet valleys. These are but some of the known names.

Attractions in Kalimpong

  • Grahams Home 

    An over 100 years old orphanage and school established by Dr John Graham – a Scottish missionary in 1990 was the first-ever initiative in Kalimpong to introduce education through the English Medium.

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  • Delo Top

    Next to Graham's Home is a lovely viewpoint and well-maintained garden named Delo Hill. This top is the highest point in Kalimpong Hill and offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding area with the long Tista Valley and the Kanchenjunga mountain range.

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  • Buddhist Monastery

    Old Tibetan Monasteries – Tharpa Choling Monastery and Thongsa Gompa, belonging to the Yellow sect of Buddhism, are worth a visit.

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  • Pine View Nursery

    Kalimpong is known for its orchid. There are several orchid nurseries in Kalimpong which produce a large variety of Orchids and rare Himalayan flowers. Visit Pine View Nursery in Kalimpong, where you can see the rare and expensive types of Orchids along with an exotic collection of cacti from many parts of the world.

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  • Lepcha Museum

    The original inhabitant in Kalimpong is The Lepcha. To know more about the rich culture and heritage of this vanishing tribal community, a visit to the Lepcha Museum is essential. It has a rich collection of original Lepcha manuscripts, relics, traditional musical instruments and paintings.

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  • Handmade Paper Factory

    The Handmade Paper Factory in Kalimpong is an exciting place to observe the traditional way of making paper from tree bark and shrubs. The factories' expert workers make beautiful sheets of colourful paper mainly used for decorative printing, souvenir and paper bags, a crucial eco-friendly community initiative in Kalimpong.

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  • Crookety House

    You can also visit a charming heritage house in Kalimpong – the Crookety House. Helena Ivanovna Roerich, a famous Russian philosopher and writer, spent her last seven years in this house in the early 20th century. The house was later converted to Helena Roerich's museum, where some bountiful paintings and books are kept. Special permission needs to be obtained to visit the place.

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  • Kalimpong local Market 

    A visit to the busiest area of the town is a delightful experience. The centre for local commuters' hangout and the main shopping area remains active throughout the year. If you are here on a Wednesday or Saturday, you can experience the unique bi-weekly Haat Bazaar. Here the villagers from far off places assemble to sell and purchase the local vegetables, food and handicraft items. You can find many attractive local souvenirs here, along with a few exciting food joints offering delicious traditional food.

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