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A Land of Myths and Marvels
Tezpur, known initially as Sontipur, is a town famous for being one of the oldest occupied places in Assam. The literal meaning of Tezpur is the Town of Blood; 'Tez' in the word Tezpur stands for blood, and 'Pur' means town. The unusual naming has a story behind it, and it says that there occurred a war between Lord Krishna and King Banasura's Army in this land once upon a time. The violent conflict caused many deaths and bloodshed, which turned the region red. Since then, people started calling it Tezpur. With the mighty Brahmaputra flowing beside, this town is widely known as the Cultural Capital of Assam.
A trip to Tezpur is an emotional journey filled with majestic views and rich cultural heritage. Because of its fertile land and comfortable climate, the place has been hugely favoured by British Rulers, and today it is one of the well-developed cities of Assam. With renowned educational institutes, modern amenities, and big names from the cultural world associated with it, Tezpur is one of the most happening places in north-eastern India. The snow-capped Himalayas, the lush tea plantations, hills and valleys shrouded with mysteries and everything that constitutes a perfect picture of a hill station is guaranteed here in Tezpur.
Moreover, the passionate love story of Usha and Anirudha (also known as Lord Krishna's grandson) that you will surely hear during this trip makes your escape even more romantic. Hear the episodes of the eternal romance of these two youngsters, whose love was the actual reason for that massive disaster that gave Tezpur its name and then look around; you will be flattered to find an ideal location for an epic tale like this.

Attractions in Tezpur

  • Da-Parbatia:

    Da-Parbatia is a famous architectural site of a stone-made Hindu Temple. It was built during the sixth century, and on the ruins, the Ahom kings established a brick made temple to worship Lord Shiva. This too collapsed in 1897 when a significant earthquake hit Assam. Today, the ruins of Da-Parbatia are famous as the oldest examples of Assamese art, and the area is a protected historical site supported by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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  • Bamuni Hills:

    The sculptural remnants of Bamuni Hills are also highly attractive to tourists. Said to have been established during the period of the 9th - 10th centuries, the thrilling artwork of ancient Assam will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet, and maybe you would like to come back to this spot once again just to be on Bamuni Hills. The incarnations, the panels, the inscriptions – everything you come across unfolds the mystery of Assam's glorious past.

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  • Cole Park or Chitralekha Park:

    Surrounded by flourishing hillocks, gardens, and lakes, the Chitralekha Park of Tezpur is commonly regarded as the most beautiful tourist spot in Tezpur. Apart from the scenic beauty, what keeps you captivated in Chitralekha are the sculptural remnants, the stone pillars, the deep green pathways, a small auditorium, and the exciting water activities! The best part of the site is it combines modernity with the world lost. Founded by a British Commissioner, Mr Cole, the park was initially known as the Cole Park and has been renamed Chirtalekha Udyan lately.

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  • Agnigarh Hill:

    This is the place where Princess Usha was kept hidden by her father, Bana. Bana built a fortress here on the hillock to save his daughter away from the rest of the world. 'Agni', which means fire and 'Garh' which denotes fortress, was constructed to keep Usha surrounded by fire. The fascinating sculptures, the pristine cascades and soft illumination transport you instantly to an imaginary world of eternal romance. Also, it allows you an overview of the entire Tezpur Town that stands as a living witness of their unconditional love.

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