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Ziro Valley

The Valley of Abundance and Creativity
Ziro, one of the most beautiful Hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh, is located 165km from Itanagar in the Lower Subansiri District headquarters. Situated on a plateau at an elevation of 1500 meters and surrounded by beautiful valleys, eye-catching hills, paddy fields, bamboo and pine groves, the Ziro Valley – the land of Apatani People offers a colourful ethnic experience in Arunachal. In the year of 2012, it was shortlisted for nomination to UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
Hills and forests surround Ziro. Here, with the help of rivulets, paddy-cum Pisciculture cultivation has been booming. It is a unique experience for eco-tourist people. These Terrace paddy fields represent a unique system for poly-culture and water management of the Apatani tribes.
Summer is an excellent time to visit here. You can walk amid the pine in the gentle hills or around rice fields on the plains. Ziro is inhabited by the most advanced agriculturist Apatani tribe. The Apatanis are unique, they do permanent wetland cultivations, and not long ago, they used to practice facial tattoos.
Many educational Institutes are built here due to the right environment. Ziro is not consisting of beautiful sceneries only. It is the locals who have a massive role in making the place attractive. If you get a chance to know about the inhabitants, you will be thoroughly amazed to learn about their history and human nature co-relationship.
The unique Apatanis; their lifestyles and beliefs
The principal inhabitants in Ziro and around are Apatanis. They are settled, agriculturists. The Apatanis are very hardworking and good in cultivation. Paddy cum fish culture is prevalent among them. Unlike the other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, their economy is self–sufficient. They have a meticulous division of lands. Also, the systems of irrigating fields do not allow even the slightest waste. You will admire their brilliant development of irrigated wet–rice cultivation.






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