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The Orange Country on Indo-Nepal Borer
Mirik, a small hill station in Darjeeling Hills, is famous for a lake surrounded by forests, cardamom plantation and orange orchards. With lovely views of snow mountains and plenty of options for pleasant nature walks make this an ideal holiday destination. A refreshing journey from the plains runs through sprawling tea gardens on the hill slopes will take you to this charming hill station.

Activities in Mirik

Rameetay Dara Walk
  • Rameetay Dara Walk - Rameetay Dara, which means 'Entertainment Hill', offers a fabulous view of the plains along with the mountains. You can observe beautiful views of sunrise and sunset from this place. The other gaze point at 'Tingling' en-route the Siliguri-Mirik Himalayan highway about 6 Km from Mirik proffers a fascinating view of a unique tea-bush draped landscape. A pleasant walk around the lake or along the numerous walks in the heavily forested ridges; would all go to make a lovely holiday.

  • Kawlay Dara Walk - The 'Kawlay Dara' is one such high-spot that could make one feel up in the clouds. A stroll (about a twenty-minute walk) up to it could offer an exhilarating moment, or one could even hitch a pony or a cab ride until a certain distance and then shuffle up to it. As glimpses of the rising sun or the fiery sunset, the breathtaking landscape all around, and the plains far below begin to materialise, life trails on to a different tune.

Bunkulung Village Excursion
  • Bunkulung Village Excursion - An old fishing village, which has gradually turned agrarian over the years, can be accessed by a cab or hiked through a village trail. In recent times it was developed as a model fishery village. The lovely natural setting with few homestays offered by Limboo People, Bunkulung thrives as a rural tourism destination in the lesser trodden Darjeeling hills. A picturesque village in the foothills just above the river, its beauty is further heightened by lovely hills looming on all sides and a dense patch of temperate forest. MORE

Attractions in Mirik

  • Pashupati Market

    While at Mirik, you can also wander into the little border town of Pashupatinagar, about 14 Km away en route to Darjeeling. This famed shopping hub offers a thrilling shopping experience near chilling heights a walk away from the Indo-Nepal border. Pashupatinagar falls in Nepal, and the sheer thrill of shopping in another country could be just another fascinating feeling. Despite strict restrictions and rigorous checks at the Nepalese and Indian custom outposts, tourists somehow manage to walk away with many exclusive foreign goods, be it perfumes, clothes, snazzy gifts and much more.

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  • Tea Estate

    Mirik is also a prime tea producing area in Darjeeling. Apart from producing high-quality orthodox tea, these sprawling gardens offer miraculous scenic views. Thurbo and Gopaldhara Tea Estates, some of the best tea estates in the area, are only 2 km from the centre.

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  • Orange Orchards & Cardamom Plantation

    Another prime attraction in Mirik is Orange Orchards. Soureni - an orange growing village in the Mirik area - supplies massive production of oranges. The difference between the oranges of the plains and Mirik lies in their juice content. Oranges from Mirik are extraordinarily full of juice. Between October and December, the aroma and taste of oranges in Mirik attract a large number of people to this destination.

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