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Majuli Island

Encounter with Puzzles, People & Philosophy
Majuli is an excellent example of the mighty Brahmaputra's continually shifting puzzle. Known as the world's largest river island, Majuli covers a large area of approximately 1,250 square kilometres. Being a place in perpetual threat of losing itself to erosion, it keeps changing its shape and size. Although Majuli boasts a unique landscape, much of its beauty disappears every year during rains. Things that make this island a perfect getaway for thousands of people are its sparkling carpet of radiant rice fields, refreshing serenity all around, exciting birding opportunities and water meadows teeming with wild orchids.
Earlier, this used to be a narrow strip of land widely referred to as Majoli, which means a piece of land amid two parallel rivers. Majuli had the Brahmaputra flowing in the north, and it had the Burhidihing in the south. They ran parallel until bumping into each other at Lakhu. According to the historical texts and folk literature, it survived frequent earthquakes during 1661–1696 that resulted in a calamitous flood in 1750. It is said to have continued for long fifteen days. This introduced significant topographical changes in this area, and one of them is the formation of Majuli Island.
But a trip to Majuli not only delights you with natural amazements. A journey to this island is filled with myths and mysteries. Besides spending time amid serene seclusion, lazing around under the deep blue sky, and observing the calm life of the birds and the people, you can learn a lot about Indian tradition and philosophy. And this is an exclusive feature Majuli Island offers to make your trip more vibrant. There is a legend associated with this place. Maybe its heavenly beauty is one reason for believing that Lord Krishna, a popular deity of the Hindu religion, used a play on the sandbanks with his friends. The legend has beckoned his followers over the period. It became an important centre of Vaishnavism in the medieval age. As per records, Srimanta Sankardeva, a pioneer of the Neo-Vaishnavite Movement in Assam, introduced a new form of Hinduism here in the sixteenth century by establishing monasteries and hermitages famously known as satras on the islet. Majuli was also celebrated as the cultural capital of the Assamese civilization during this period.

Activities in Majuli Island

Birding in Majuli
  • Birding in Majuli - Majuli is also a well-known birding sight. Exceptional bird watching tours are conducted, and it is home to around 100 species of bird, including some rare and threatened avifauna. Pottery here is quite famous, and you are bound to encounter some exciting creations during your walk on the trail.

Village tour
  • Village tour - The people residing at Majuli are mainly from tribal communities. Most of them are from Mising Tribes said to have settled here centuries ago. The other dwellers are either from the Deori or Sonowal Kacharis tribes. What people speak here are Mising, Assamese, and Deori. Namghar is the heart of the villages, and people gather here regularly for singing and offer prayers. MORE

Attractions in Majuli Island

  • Satra in Majuli

    Two villages you must visit here are Kamalabari, not more than 3 kilometres from the ferry port and the other one is Garamur, barely 5 kilometres further north. The satras of Majuli are large, beautiful and exciting. The most visited ones are Dakhinpat Satra, Garamurh Satra, Auniati Satra, Kamalabari Satra, Benegenaati Satra and Samaguri Satra.

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Majuli is just 20 kilometres away from Jorhat town. To reach Majuli, you will have to board a ferry from Neamati Steamer Ghat, and the place is well-connected with Jorhat via a bus route. It is just a few hour's rides, and you will get information booths, lodging facilities and food stalls over, but the options are a handful. Jorhat, although, is the convenient and nearest city for planning a trip to Majuli, you may also approach Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh.

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