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Splendor, Dynamism and Creativity
Situated in the North-Eastern part of Assam, Jorhat is one of the state's essential farming lands. Jorhat is famously known as the gateway to upper Assam and the Nagaland State. Lying along a tributary of the Brahmaputra River, the Jorhat town has always been an attractive destination for its lush tea gardens. Thousands of people keep Jorhat crowded in November as Assam Tourism organizes a unique festival for Tea lovers during the time. And it's a splendid celebration to revel in. This popular travel destination is also known as the 'Tea Capital of India'.
Famously known as the 'Last Capital of Ahom Kingdom', the town is home to great archaeological treasures. Served as the hub of Anti-British Movements and an important place for the Ahom Kingdom, Jorhat is, of course, a city of great historical value. Apart from sprawling tea gardens, a trip to Jorhat also offers you sights of important historical monuments and locations. One of them is undoubtedly Rajamaidam, known as the last burial mounds of the Ahom Monarchs.
The tourists also prefer Jorhat because it serves as an important centre of tourism and facilitates trips to many renowned places like the Kaziranga National Park and the largest river island Majuli. Apart from the incomparable scenic beauty, Majuli offers you the best way to know Jorhat Culture and Heritage. This widely visited place becomes a highly attractive destination during the three day Ras Purnima festival.
Jorhat has been a perfect example of a multi-cultural Assam. Its rich historical and cultural tradition; and thriving commercial activities have beckoned many over the years. Jorhat is also commonly referred to as the 'Cultural Capital of Assam' as for years it has been producing several creative writers, actors, musicians, historians and journalists.

Activities in Jorhat

Golfing in Jorhat
  • Golfing in Jorhat - As a golf lover, you've played golf on plains, and you have walked the grounds with leisure and looked for the golf ball with love and passion—sometimes you have missed a good shot, and at times, you've shouted, 'lovely!' seeing your ball fly in between the trees and out it went. Now experience a different golf game at the Jorhat Gymkhana Club, famous for being the world's third oldest golf club. Jorhat Gymkhana Club is unique. MORE

Attractions in Jorhat

  • Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

    The sanctuary known as Hoollongapar Gibbon was called the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary or Hollongapar Reserve Forest in the past. Located in the Jorhat District of Assam, this place is an isolated protected area of evergreen forest. Retitled in 1997, the Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary is named after Hoolock Gibbon, India's only apes. It is also important for being home to Northeastern India's only nocturnal primate – the Bengal Slow Loris.

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  • Jorhat Gymkhana Club: A Refreshing Game Theory

    There is an interesting place for the sports lover in exciting is known as 'Jorhat Gymkhana'. According to the records, it is the third oldest golf club in the world. With exciting leisure activities, this club today has been developed as a perfect place for refreshment. Apart from golfing, 'Jorhat Gymkhana' also offers various gaming facilities like billiard, tennis and races.

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