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The World of Ward Trogon

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Bird watching Tour in Neora Valley National Park
Highlights || Bird Watching * Hiking in forests * Red Panda Searching * Camping in Wilderness * Wild Orchids * Nature Photography *
Destination Covered || Kolakham * Neora Valley National Park * Kalimpong
Possible Bird Sightings || Rusty-bellied Short-wing * Yellow-rumped Honeyguide * Ward Trogon * Satyr Tragopan * Blue Fronted Redstart * Broad-billed Warbler * Rusty-bellied Short Wing * Blue-fronted Robin * Yellow-throated Fulvetta * Grey-sided Laughing Thrush * Rufous-throated Wren-Babbler
Possible Animal Sightings || Red Panda * Clouded Leopard * Yellow Throated Martin * Bengal Tiger *
Introduction || Hidden between the inaccessible terrains of Sikkim, Kalimpong and Bhutan Hills, Neora Valley National Park's dense expanse is a treasure house for bird lovers.
With diverse vegetation ranging from Sub-Tropical Mixed Broadleaf to Upper Temperate Mixed Broadleaf Forest, including patches of bamboos and a variety of Rhododendron, this small park has an incredible storehouse of over 260 species of birds, including at least six Threatened species and twelve Near Threatened species. We will try to find some rare species like Rusty-bellied Short-wing, Yellow-rumped Honeyguide, Ward Trogon and Satyr Tragopan in this tour. This park is also famous for its Red Panda, Bengal Tiger and Clouded Leopard. We will mostly walk on forest trails with 4-wheel jeep support wherever possible because of the remote and challenging topography.
Best Season || November to April






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